About Us

The National development plan includes various measures for economic growth of country in order to improve the standard of living in the society. Effective implementation of such development plans require high quality of professional skill development in necessary from which the national development plan may receive expertise services.

In this light, Tarique Hasan & Associates Limited, a Private Limited Company of Bangladesh was established in 1998 for the purposes of relating education to the needs of the society to provide expertise service in implementing development plans, which is also emphasized in the constitution of the country.

The Company has both full time and part-time payroll professionals in various fields. In addition, the firms call upon the services of its associates and consultants who are all experts in their own field of specialization. The Company is capable to offer multi-disciplinary services from within the resources of the firm for wider range of projects. 




Architectural Design:

We prepare the architectural design and drawings as per plot alignment and client’s requirements. After the final selection of architectural design we go for the detail architectural design which includes working drawings and all the necessary sections. Meanwhile we develop the three-dimensional view of the building by using sophisticated software to visualize the actual view of the project.

Engineering Design:

We prepare the all kind of engineering design as per the building requirements. After the final selection of architectural design we go for detail engineering design – drawings as per the contract or clients requirement including all the necessary specifications. For this design process we use international standard software along with hand calculations and we involve highly skilled professionals to perform the task with well precision and design safety provision.

Interior Design:

The services of an interior designer may also be available for furniture design and other allied interior decoration work on payment of necessary fees.



 Drawing and Details:

We prepare the design and drawings as per clients requirements and then the construction or interior decoration work of the building is done as per approved presentation drawings and details working drawings prepared on the basis of sanctioned presentation drawings.

Supply of the construction Materials:

In a turnkey project, we also supply all the Construction Materials (Best Quality) from the best available sources.

Construction Management:

With our skilled and experienced technical team we do all types construction related management as per contractual guidelines in order to complete the job in schedule time.


We also do direct construction as per design & drawings supplied by client. In that case our construction management team execute the work as per project time schedule and also ensure a good quality of construction work by using the materials as per contract agreement.



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